Dirty Paws cured my goldens hot spots! Cheri introduced me to  apple cider vinegar rinse. Works like a charm
I have owned Sammies for 18 years and never knew they could look so good
J. Nooney
Thanks so much for your patience and very willing attitude in bringing Isla back to a very well groomed appearance.
S. Shea
My dogs prance for days after a visit to Dirty Paws!    
C. Farmer
The haircut Kick got at Dirty Paws is the first time a groomer really captured her personality. 
G. Potter
I thought for sure my dog would have to be shaved when I dropped her off, but when I picked her up she had all her hair and no mats! Cheri and Matt did a great job!
M. Pierce
To keep my dog smelling great I bought a rubber dog collar from Dirty Paws. After countless trips to the river and the Path, the collar still looks and smells great. 
Cheri took the time to explain what type of brush and comb I needed, and how to use them on my dog between visits to Dirty Paws.
L. Gardener